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A Greener Life

Mindfulness, Low Waste, Self-Improvement, Energy Healing... I share my secrets to a serene, greener and healthier life. 
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I left my carrier to embrace a greener and healthier lifestyle. 

My name is Amandine Hancock

I created this blog to share my journey, insights and tips that I have encountered along the way. I am passing on this information in the hope that it will help you too in your quest for a simpler and mindful lifestyle.

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Overcoming Obstacles:

Discover the course that absolutely could change your life. Learn the ways to build resilience, sustain your motivation so you can be free to build the life of your dreams. 


8 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Motivation Every Day

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Now Is A Perfect Time To Find Inner-Peace

Traditional, transcendental, modern, sound based, Discover My Growing Selection Of Meditations that will get you relaxed in as little as a few minutes!