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5 things you can change today to reduce your waste

When it comes to reducing our waste it can be hard and overwhelming to decide where to start. If you’re just getting started, I recommend you read this post to learn more about what Zero-Waste and its basics. One thing though that made it clear when I first started were disposable items. They were a big part of my new American life. After spending a couple of weeks, analyzing what was filling my trash bin, it was a no-brainer, I needed to change my daily habits and switch from disposable to reusable containers and utensils.

I came to realize that there were about 5 items that had become a real problem, and if I were able to change these 5 things, I would be more in tune with my goals and values.

The 5 things you can change today to reduce your waste

The Way You Carry Water

#lowimpact tip, never leave the house without you water or coffee bottle/cup. Always carry a bottle with you to avoid having to buy a plastic one. Why? Because plastic never fully décompose and leaves residue and micro particules of plastic that arm wildlife, the oceans, and our entire eco-system. Convinced? Our bottle is brand free (simpler is better) and comes in two different sizes to fit your need better. . . #zerowaste #greenshopping #lesswaste #waterbottlechallenge #waterbottles #reducereuserecycle #bamboobottle #sustainableliving #agreenerlife #lessplastic #plastic

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Water is essential and this is why the water market is so huge. But it is the lack of fountains or the easy access to plastic bottles or the two issues combined, that makes it easy to choose the polluting option. I recently learned that about 95% of bottled water is contaminated with micro-particles of plastic! Plus, bottled water goes through fewer health tests than tap water and cost over 10 times more. So many reasons to simply stop buying water this way and use our wallet to embrace a sustainable way to go.

I chose to get myself a nice,  reusable bottle, easy to carry and no longer buy water in plastic bottles. It feels so good!! I created this little shop to bring all the items that help reducing waste available in one place and of course water bottles were among the first product to hit the “shelves.” You’ll find a nice selection here.

Straws & The Way You Drink Your Beverages

Have you switched to reusable straws yet? It’s crazy to think that everyday just in the US people consume so many plastic straws that we could go 2.5 around the globe… per day! Ut has become crucial that we change our habits with straws. These are staff pick. Pink, Gold, Gold Pink or Black, check out our gorgeous collection of reusable straws! And we are currently running a sell for a few days, perfect occasion to make the switch!! #reusablestraw #reusable #ecofriendly #straws #ecommerce #agreenerlife #zerowaste #sustainablelifestyle #picoftheday #instashop #instagood #makeitcount #ecoconcious #shoppingtime #plasticsucks #banplastic #ecofriendly #

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I wrote a post about how terrible disposable straws are for our environment. We’ve all come across videos that explains the great impact of our habits on sea life. The overbearing view of dead fish, sea turtles or whales poisoned or trapped in plastic. This one is an easy fix. Straws are light and easy to carry in a bag. I personally always carry a stainless steel straw in my on-the-go kit. Rinse it with water during the day if I need to reuse it, and wash it when I get home.

The Way You Enjoy Your Coffee

A year ago the greener life movement was created. From giving it a try to blogging to opening the greener store a lot has happened and I am grateful I was able to build my dreams. Check out the link on my profile. When did you started your journey toward #zerowaste? Here’s a 15% discount, just because it’s anniversary celebration day and we all deserve gifts here and there: Type FRIENDS15 in the checkout and enjoy! #zerowastehome #zerowasteliving #environment, #sustainability, #lesswaste, #sustainableliving, #ecofriendly, #eco, #dreamhome #sustainableliving #happysunday #consumoconsciente, #plastic

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Since I moved to the US, I have become a huge consumer of coffee on the go. Quickly, even before I started to reduce actively my amount of trash, I realized that the disposable cups were not sustainable. In a year I had consumed more cups than in my entire life in France. I had to change. That’s when I realized how quickly we can caught bad habits… It probably took me 4 or 5 months before I would always think of bringing a reusable cup to the shop. Eventually, the transition happened. I now always think about carrying my cup. I often leave one on the car and clean it during the weekend. All this to say that if you are trying to say goodbye to disposable anything, don’t get discourage! It takes time to change habits but the sooner you start, the sooner it will become a part of your routine.

The Way You Eat

lunch box essential zero waste - a greener life

This one definitely deserves to be in the top 5. Between the lunch we go buy during office hours and leftovers at the restaurant, the number of disposable boxes we consume can reach serious highs. I personally love the folding box available here for one simple reason: it folds. I put it in my purse and unfold it when I arrive at the food truck or the restaurant. It doesn’t take much room and is very light. There are of course great other options available like this one or that one. It’s really up to your taste.

Brushing Your Teeth

Are you still using plastic toothbrushes? You should think about stoping. So many reason to switch to alternative options like these adorable and eco-conscious toothbrushes. When we heard that in 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean that was it. We’ve switched to bamboo and only regret not doing it earlier… . Tell us if you’ve switched or not and why, we want to hear about your experience! 🌈🌳💚 . #toothbrush #bambootoothbrush #plastic #sustainability #bamboo #rainbow #greenliving #sustainableliving #actonclimate #zerowasteliving #zerowaste #consciousliving

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They might look like the least important thing to change, yet we use toothbrushes daily and need to replace them once every 3 months. That means we’ll consume hundreds of toothbrushes in our lives. You can read more about toothbrushes and why it’s important to use sustainable options here. When I started my journey I noticed how difficult it was to find bamboo toothbrushes, and that I why they were among the first items to be in the greener shop. I think it should be easy to find eco-conscious option and not a hassle. You’ll find there a nice selection of wheat, wood and bamboo option to please all tastes 😀

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