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Essential Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar

This should be in every home. Wether you make it yourself, or buy it at the store, apple cider vinegar is a key ingredient to reducing waste and simplifying life at home.

Apple Cider Vinegar To Detox The Body

It’s great to detox your body. I found this great recipe online that you can drink every morning to improve your health, loose weight if needed. It’s very useful to reduce heartburn, to fight candida, detox your liver, balance your blood sugar and maintain your alkaline pH level. Simply drink a couple tea spoons in a glass of water morning and evening for a few weeks and enjoy the results!

In the bathroom

This vinegar is a magic ingredient to clean your face, your hair, some folks advise it for mouth wash! (Not a big fan of this one but everyone’s different and should forge their own opinion.) The smell can be strong for some people, but that’s why it’s often advised to combine it with essential oils. Depending on the use, a few drops and whatever you’re making will have a wonderful smell and the benefits of the oil as well. Apple cider vinegar has many more assets. By pouring some in a bath and soaking in it, you will offer a great detox session to your skin. Did you know that it works great with acne, cellulite, dendrons, even fungus and calluses? It also makes wonders with sunburns and bee stings.

One of my favorite DIY: I mix a little bit of ACV with some bentonite clay instead of water when I want to treat myself with a face mask. Magic!

Another way I use weekly ACV is as a conditioner. I mix 1 part ACV with 1 part water and poor it on my scalp as the final step of cleaning my head. My hair has never been so shinny!

Have a cat or a dog? I have heard this magic potion is a great flea repellent. (but haven’t had fleas invasion since I’ve learnt that. I’ll update when it happens, accordingly.

To Clean The House

Apple cider vinegar is a for more than our health and our body. It’s disinfectant properties are perfect to clean surfaces. There are great recipes out there and I wanted to specifically share my favorite ones if you’re ready to give it a try:

Cogged drains: Poor 1 cup of ACV on 1/2 cup of baking soda directly in the clogged area. It will create a chemical reaction instantly!

Degrease counter tops: 1 cup vinegar for 1 cup hot water let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse.

Clean Your Washing Machine put a couple of cups of ACV in your machine. Let it run a short cycle. Voila!

Phones and Digital Devices: dip a cloth or microfiber cloth in some ACV and use it to clean and say goodbye to the germs on your phone, iPad and such. You’d be amazed by the number of things they carry. Sometimes worse than our toilets.

Mold Killer: Put your ACV in a spray bottle, add some drops of tea tree essential oil to add strength to the vinegar and stay on mold. Let sit for 30 minutes up to 2 hours, don’t hesitate to add more solution on the area. You’ll be amazed.


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Finally, I’ve read that it can be used to kill weed. Haven’t tried it yet but if you have share your experience in the comments!

If you know great recipes related to the Apple Cider Vinegar or other benefits that are not mentioned here, feel free to share it in the comment section!

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