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How to Make The Best of Your Zero-Waste New Year Resolution

Happy new year everyone! The new year always comes with new resolutions. Some are lame, some are far from realistic, but others can be a game changer. This season is not only good to stuff ourselves with great food, it’s also a great time to think about the past year, our accomplishments, our failures, and what we want to make of the upcoming 365 days. This is why I wrote this article and created a calendar with major mile stones to reach while we are all on the path to zero-waste.

Setting Our Zero-Waste New Year Goals

Setting goal is the major part of improving our lifestyle and making sure our resolutions are more than simple bullet point lists displayed on paper. I selected a series of goals that I have come to find necessary to reduce consumption. From making your own products (click here to find a variety of recipes I have published so far), to composting or changing simple habits. This a tool lay out your goals through the entire year. By next new year you’ll probably be able to try a “trash in jar challenge” (more on this later).

Make It Yours

Even if I am very proud of the tool I created for you, an important disclaimer is that you should and ought to make it your own! If you feel like the goals are not challenging enough or the order doesn’t suit you, change them. Start by what makes sense, and set yourself one goal per week if it keeps you more motivated to do so.

Feel free to also add to it! On my calendar I added meditation and yoga sessions because this is not just a blog about the waste we generate, but about being more mindful of our world, our body, health all to embrace a greener life. So add away!

More important, let me know what helps you and what doesn’t. I created a group on Facebook for us to chat about our challenges and successes, so join it here and let me know what is helping you and what you’d like to see in the future. If you’d like to add something to this post, post a comment below and I’ll make sure to add the best suggestions to the original post!

Wonderful 2018!!

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