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How to Start Your Yoga or Spiritual Business on Part-Time Hours

Do you love helping others and guiding them through a healthy Yoga practice that could shape their bodies and lives for the better? Or you are a Reiki practitioner looking to share your gift with the community? Maybe it’s something you do with friends online or in a local studio.

You’re wondering how you can start a more concrete business on part-time hours. Maybe it’s because you love your day job –– or maybe it’s because you aren’t ready to quit your day job yet.

Starting a Yoga or a Spiritual business on part-time hours can be a way to bring in additional income and help others. With that extra money, you can save more for retirement, invest in your business, go full time and open your own practice!

With a Yoga business, you also have the flexibility to create your own work hours. You can offer classes and sessions at times that are most convenient for you and work at your own pace.

Here’s how you can start your Yoga business on part-time hours:

1. Define your goals.

The first step of any pursuit is to define clear goals. Setting clear, achievable goals helps you prioritize your time and work towards achieving something.

  • Do you want to keep your business on part-time hours in the long run?

  • How many students/clients do you want to have at one time?

  • How much money do you want to bring in per month?

2. Decide the type of offerings you will provide.

If you want to open a Yoga business, what do you want to teach? Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini? Also think about the type of services you provide, would it be online, in a local studio? If you are planing on opening a Reiki business, how does it look like? Online, in a shop? What will be the focus of you business? Choose a type of practice that aligns with your current life obligations and what you want and life to do so that your clients will feel your passion.

3. Invest in yourself. Your clients will be investing in you for their growth, and you should lead by example! Invest in your future by getting certified, enrolling in new training that builds your knowledge, and taking steps that build your credibility.

  • Your investment in yourself will attract clients by building their trust in you and your knowledge.

4. Plan your offering.

Outlining as much of your service as possible will help you market your service in an effortless way. What is the process you will take your prospects through? What is the benefit you will provide them? Will you offer 1:1s, group sessions, or both?

  • 1:1 Sessions. One-on-one session is a much more personalized setting. You will give your clients space for your undivided attention and advice. You can plan ahead and prepare a series of crystals, music and other elements to suit the session.

  • Group Sessions. Not only do group sessions allow you to impact more people at once, but they can be more price-friendly for your clients.

5. Allocate time each week towards your business and its tasks.

What does building a mindful or spiritual business on part-time hours look like to you?

  • Decide which days you will work on your business. If you have the flexibility, allocate specific hours to work on your business.

  • Simplify as much as possible. When building a business, we want to achieve everything. With every task you have, step back and ask yourself: how can I make this as simple as possible?

6. Market your service. Once you have the service you want to offer in mind, create a marketing plan. Decide how much time you want to spend marketing your business each week.

  • Ask people in your network if they know someone who may be interested.

  • Reach clients on different platforms, including social media and specialized business directories.

  • Create Ads for your niche or your geographic area.

As a wellness or spiritual professional, you will be a sounding board for your clients to grow and become more mindful. You can help them find the right answers or approach tailored to them.

Are you ready to start teaching others and impacting the world? Make a plan and go for it! If any of these parts feels a bit overwhelming, don't hesitate to reach out! As a strategic marketing and online business expert, I offer tailored coaching session to help individuals like you get established online and grow their audience to match their financial goals. Book a FREE initial session to see how we can work together to help you reach you business goals in no time!

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