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Meditation Session: Awakening Your Heart

Our wonderful Heidi Hancock created a new healing  session for us! If you don’t know her yet, she is a wonderful practitioner based in SE Portland. She’s providing us with great meditation themes and mindful seasonal messages. Find yourself a peaceful place in the comfort of your home or in a peaceful park, and watch let her guide you through this awesome video.  To contact her and have more informations about her work simply click here

Awakening Your Heart

This month I’ve been feeling into the heart space and noticing a call for all of us to move towards that which lights us up, and let go of that which does not. We are in the Aquarian Age, and that means we are moving towards a heart-centered world. Gone are the days of gluttony, money, power, greed, climbing the ladder to build and gain more, working for someone else in a structure created by someone else. The Aquarian Age is about community, connection, the planet, art, creativity, nature, sustainability, grass roots, sovereignty, health, balance, and stepping into your unique gifts so you can offer those to the world, that we may shift our focus towards love, honor and gratitude, in a world that feels nourishing and healthy from the inside out. We are done doing what we are told, letting someone else make the decisions for our lives. It’s time to get in touch with our heart space, and let that begin navigating our choices. Get in touch with that childhood dream that lingers in the recesses of your body, mind and heart. What did you want to be when you grew up, and is that what you’re doing now? This isn’t about shame, blame or judgement, just a gentle noticing so that you can begin to walk back towards that abandoned dream, even if it’s as simple as gardening, riding horses, singing, playing tennis. It doesn’t have to be a major career change, just anything that awakens your heart.

“It’s time to get in touch with our heart space, and let that begin navigating our choices.”

I know the world can seem pretty scary right now. We can’t go a week, a day, a moment, without getting some text alert about a major tragedy. My heart breaks for the children of our schools right now who are terrified about their basic physical safety and questioning the motives and ability of the leaders that are charged with their care. It’s hard to look at a situation like that and find the good, but it is there. As painful as it is, these events are cracking the structure that is in place. Adults and children are waking up, and not only demanding change, but creating it. The silver lining in all that destruction, is freedom. A freedom that allows individuals to start making their own rules, to follow their own inner compass, guided by their spirit, and what they know in their hearts is right, not what someone told them to believe. When the heart breaks, it gets us in touch with what we truly care about, with our purpose in life. It has the power to redirect our compass. One of my favorite astrologers, Robert Ohotto, says that our greatest gifts often come out of our greatest wounding. When we feel our heart breaking, it’s a clue, a guard rail, letting us know to pay attention to that heartbreak, that passion, because that is the thing that is going to light us up, that is our gift, that is the thing that will shift the planet towards love. It’s not the law of attraction doing it, it’s YOU.

Although we still see the greed, the misuse of power, the inequity, and injustice, there is a new age coming. In no other time I have witnessed as many people leaving their jobs to follow their passion, myself included. We are leaving the familiar and charting our own path, one that is lead by the heart. This movement has an effect on a grand scale: it encourages others to do the same, and it disentangles us from the web of consumerism and unconscious living. Feel into what your heart has wanted. What might be holding you back? What unfinished business resides in your heart? Can you take small steps to get there?

Here are some tools to consider:

  1. Move Your Body! — Unfinished business gets stuck in our cells and movement can help awaken that memory so it can shift and release. Ever cried during or after yoga? This is why. You’ve tapped into something that is ready to release.

  2. Do Something Playful — Sing, dance, play a game. I took a hula hoop class recently, and what an experience. It got me in touch with this child-like awe and wonder I had dancing as a kid, and so much JOY!

  3. Journal — We often house our fears, our frustrations, our anxieties so they build and fester. That energy collects in our bodies and it comes out in the most ungracious ways, usually towards the people we love the most. Sitting down to journal allows those feelings somewhere to go, even if we never share it with anyone, it allows the energy to move.

I had two experiences recently that really embody being in the heart in this way. The first was at the Portland School of Astrology (PSA). A friend invited me to a workshop on the 2018 transits, and I hadn’t been to PSA before but always wanted to check it out. What a treat! Not only coming together in community with like-minded folks, but the singing! I was totally blown away. Any group that starts with a song is my scene, but it was so beautiful. It immediately got me in touch with that magical star quality we all possess and it rooted me in the awareness of the simultaneous enormity and simplicity that we are spinning on a planet in space, how connected and dependent we are to earth, and the awesome power and responsibility we hold in caring for her. I will sing it at the end of the meditation this month to give an example of embodying this energy and doing something simply for the love and joy of it. Hopefully you will get it stuck in your head like I did, and continue spreading the joy.

The second experience was in a healing group I’ve recently been invited to join based on the book by Lynne McTaggart called The Power of Eight. She talks about the power of intention, the power of group energy, and how when we offer healing to others, we receive healing at the same time. It’s a perfect example of getting in touch with the heart. We will try this in the mediation this month so you can experience it for yourselves. She talks about their being alchemical significance to groups gathering in the number eight, but doing this alone still allows you to experience the quality of the energy and power you hold with your heart-filled intentions.

Enjoy this month of getting in touch with your heart. I hope it awakens a deep passion inside you that allows you to honor and spread your gifts. All my love, Heidi


Feel free to share this new meditation if you found it interesting and worth sharing and don’t hesitate to drop a comment below if you would like to have a specific meditation you’d like to us to create!

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