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Paris Opens Its Zero Waste House

Ah Paris! After living 5 years in the most romantic city in the world, I’m falling in love all over again for it.

Paris just opened it’s first Zero Waste house called La Maison du Zero Dechet. Half way between a store and a educational space, the new concept store is providing Parisiens with locally and sustainable made products and all the classes you may think about to live a greener, more sustainable living.

An Urban Concept Store Dedicated to Reducing Waste

Moreover, on their shelves you can find all the tools and ingredients you need to switch your life to cleaner and greener products: solid cosmetics, (to avoid chemicals like sulfates, silicone or paraben) bulk and package free products, but also, reusable veggie and fruits bags, menstrual cups, sustainably made tote bags, wooden lunch box… Ah makes me want to go there right now!

Another great innovation (though it’d be more “getting back to the old ways”) is that the store does glass consignment! The store consigns glass recipients and shoppers can just bring the glass container during their next shopping session! They teamed up with non-profits and eco-conscious food companies and bring them containers and jars back.

Selling is not the end goal.

But selling is NOT the end goal of this place. The founders created the Zero Waste House to educate folks on how to implement sustainable habits in their daily life. DIY sessions with products, food, beauty, gardening, composting in your appartement! Everything is there. They also organize artistic exhibits to call out the destructive negligences of our modern lifestyle.

La Maison du Zero Dechet – Paris

If you get inspired by the Maison du Zero Dechet, and would love to create a house/store like this in the US (Portland or LA), feel free to reach out or leave a comment below. Let’s team up and be the change we want to see in this world!

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