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Recipe: Grapefruit DIY Cleaning Toilet Frizzles

The toilet Frizzles is among one of the first DIY cleaning recipes I found that really has nothing to envy to big companies products! I did mess up the first time I made it and will tell you all about it so you don’t have to go through the same mistakes.

The toilet frizzles are a great solution to easily clean your toilets without massive amount of chemicals. Enough said, let’s get started:


  1. 2 cups of baking soda

  2. 2/3 cup of citric acid

  3. 30 drops of essential oil (I usually use lemon or grapefruit oil – really love it)

  4. Misting spray bottle with warm water


Start by mixing the baking soda and the citric acid in a glass bowl.

Slowly mist dry powder with water, mixing as you go. Barely wet the powder  to get it to stick together in the mold. Literally, 1 or 2 sprays will be enough. If you feel the need to spray more, go for it, but don’t other use! Add essential oils. Put the mixture in a silicon mold. Dry other night if the mixture is still powder, then leave it in the mold. in a sealed container. The first time I did it, I assumed the sticking didn’t work and put the powder in a jar (that I love) and when I went to use it again the following week, the whole powder had finally got to stick, leaving me to use a stick overtime I use the powder to break the gigantic cube formed in the jar :-/ Don’t Do That.

Feel free to share your experience using this recipe. Or if you find ways to improve it, share with us! Also, if you have come across great recipes and want to share them here, feel free to do so! I’ll update this post with the best recipes you’ve shared. Click this link for more home recipes.

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