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The Crazy Thing That Happened In The Redwoods

Two years after my first trip to the redwoods, here I am, back again. The cool breeze caressing my skin, a rush of nostalgia taking me over. The wisdom emanating from those trees is powerful. They take me back to the roots of why I am here. Here in the forest, here in the US and, here on earth.

The first time I came in this magic land I was lost. I was looking for a new purpose, looking for guidance as I was coming back from the dead. Little did I know. From the moment I arrived, I could feel the powerful force of the redwoods, washing my sadness away. Walking among the giants was the most therapeutic experience I had ever experienced. After two days camping in the wild, meditating and sharing my energy with the trees, I was back, or more accurately, I was reborn.

I left the calm of the forest and was heading back to life again.

Going Back To Where It Started

Since then, I have kept on with environmental work, finished and release my first album, started to embrace the changes I want to see in this world and reduce drastically my waste and met the love of my life.

After so many changes, needless to say that coming back is like a religious experience. I am overwhelmingly thankful to bring my loved ones to the place it all started again.

We discovered new trails, took new pathways, but the energy was the same. Weirdly enough I feel “at home” among these trees as if they too are members of my family. A family that I feel compelled to help, now more than ever. Touching my “friends” feeling the energy of the millennial trees reminds me of the purest emotions one can feel. No anger, no rage, only the will within wisdom and love.

My heart beats to the rhythm of the river. I know who I am. My doubts washed away and hope I’ll find my way back to this moment when darks times take over. I know what it means to be in the world and not of the world: to be connected.

I heard once about a study that showed how people who take walks in forests before or when they need to make a decision, are more creative and make positive choices. I can only agree.

The Power of Meditation

The second day of our magic journey, I selected a meditation and a question that I had with our projects and went back to the Redwoods. The results were beyond what we were expecting. A wonderful energy coming from the forest was like healing waves coming through us. The more time we spent there, the more at peace and open we seemed to become. Weirdly enough, we all received some kind of answers to the questions that were on our minds. On a personal note, the meditation truly helped me reach within and pull out the guidance I needed. 

redwoods meditation - agreener life

If you’re feeling stuck, tired, hopeless, this might be the right thing for you to do. Stop whatever you are doing right now and select a special place like a nice forest, the shore of the ocean (or maybe even the Redwoods in you are on the west coast of the US) and treat yourself with a recharging weekend. Take your questions with you and select a meditation. I team up with Heidi Hancock to offer monthly mediation that you’ll find here:

Let’s achieve our dreams and make the world a kickass place! 🌿💪 Spending a few days in my special place in the #redwoods brought me way back. I connected with who I am and got find the questions to my struggles and personal questions. As humans in this modern world and as creative minds owe it to ourselves to push our love and our passion beyond new frontiers, break down the walls in our minds and pursue our dreams. . . . . . #agreenerlife #forest🌲 #nature_lovers #sustainablelifestyle #zerowasteblogger #consumoconsciente #mindful #unwinding #redwoodforest #westcoast #zerowastelife

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What Is Your Vow | Be Who You Are | Awakening Your Heart

These 3 are my favorite and fit perfectly the purpose of refocusing. They will offer you a new perspective on any issues, projects or dreams you have and wonder about. Don’t force it, allow yourself to be driven by the special rhythm of the location you’re in. Your answers may not appear right away, but they will, in their own time.

With Love,


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