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Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Actually Want to Wear

The French gal that I am won’t tell you any differently, fashion is super important! But fashion is also a huge actor in trashing our planet. I am not just talking about seasonal trends, but  the industry as a whole. I lost touch with it for the past few years and I recently decided to get my head off the sand. I got overwhelmed by the waste generated by fast fashion and the terrible working conditions in the cotton fields and in the manufacturing facilities. This has to stop, and we have the power to make things change. We vote every day with our wallets and that’s why I decided to take a look at sustainable fashion brands. I was so pleased and full of hope when I found  more cool brands than I was anticipating!!

They can be a bit harder to find than traditional brands but once you start to dig, there’s a lot of great creators out there making fashionable items or minimalist classics. There really are good and affordable options available now. I thought for a long time that sustainable brands were expensive, yet I was wrong! Here’s a selection that proves these stupid myths wrong:

Disclosure: There may be some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

My Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands


Affordable clothing large selection of minimalist, casual and fun type of clothes. They are based in Portland (my town!) and donate part of their profits to 1% For The Planet.

sustainable brands - a greener life


One of my favorite website out there. I really like the basics kit the shop has to offer and their values. Minimalist and casual line of clothing made in Canada. They work hard to push renewable energy, sustainable creation process and that is awesome. Plus, if you click the link available in this post you’ll receive $20 off your first order!

thrue ethics sustainable brands - a greener life

True Ethic

Made in the US with fair trade fabric. This shop is for accessories and home goods and technically is not a fashion brand per say, but I so loved the US made and fair trade policies of this shop that I had to add it to the list.

kowtow - sustainable brands a greener life


From the packaging to the creation of the fabric this New Zealand brand is actively working to turn fashion into a force for good. I really enjoy (as a tall person) their jumpsuits and also their 70’s ish clothing lines. Fun lines with simple colors. PErfect combo!

loomstate sustainable brand - a greener life

Loom State

Great selection of active wear. I like the simplicity of their collection: it’ll all in the fabric. I truly appreciate their line of uniforms. If you work in a company that needs uniform, take a look at their offer. It’s worth it!

sustainable brand - a greener life


This brand is amazing and offer a great selection for casual look. From yoga clothes to more fancy night out dresses, this company makes a great variety of

reformation - sustainable brands - agreener life


Vintage style clothing. This shop is fun, bright and sustainable. They have a section of their website explaining the impact of fashion in the pollution of our planet and

amour vert - sustainable brands - a greener life

Amour Vert

Elegant and Romantic styles.We love the standards this brand live up to: they offer sustainable, made in the U.S., non-toxic dye lines of clothing and run the place with a zero-waste philosophy. On top of it they use parts of their profit to plant trees. In Oregon alone they planted over 16k trees!

rothys sustainable brand - a greener life


Sustainable shoes for working and chill ladies. I discovered this brand with Facebook ads and  I won’t lie, as was hooked. Next pair of urban shoes are definitely going to be these adorable vegan ones! Plus, the website mentions great work condition for their manufacturer, which sadly is not such a common thing and so worth mentioning. Finally, if you click this link you will get a $20 coupon on the shop. Enjoy!

veja sustainable brand fashion - a greener life


After working shoes, here are the vegan sneakers! 1.42 minutes on the website I had already shoes in the cart… This french brand created the most sustainable sneakers you can find. Every step of the production have been carefully thought through to have the most positive impact. They work with organic farms and are proud to provide shoes made without chemicals nor polluting process. The best part, the price and worldwide shipping.

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