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Top 5 Podcast On Sustainability and Waste Reduction

Educating myself on our changing climate and the solution we can implement in our life to reduce our carbon footprint through podcasts has been an interesting journey thus far.

It can be difficult to steer clear of anger when learning about the science behind our newly found earthly predicament. There is still arguments about how our climate is changing but there is no argument about the fact that it is changing.  It is very difficult for us to understand why there is so much push back on changing our ways as human beings. Economies and big business seem to be the root of such a push back. Yet, more and more people, like us, are being more and aware of the condition of our planet and understanding the urgent need to change. Therefore we wanted to share a selection of podcasts we have been listening for a while or we recently discovered that helps feed our thinking process, overcome issues with reducing our waste, etc. Are are our top 5 so far:

sustainable and zero-waste podcasts - a greener life

PRI’s Living on Earth Podcast is the newest source of information we have been listening to as of late. They have guests that are very well informed and it is a great location to get information on what is going on currently in the world of environment protection. Although for environmental activism it can lack a hopeful message. We hope to find more positive outlets of information soon.

Living On Earth Podcast

minimalist podcast - a greener life

We love the dudes who created They launched a great documentary on Netflix and really helped the movement grow. I would recommend listening to them to get nice tricks and subjects on how to live more with less.


podcast for sustainable zero waste living - a greener life

I recently came across this great podcasts that offer a space to talk about slowing down in a fast paste world. They talk about learning how to say no, opting out for simpler living. From example of foreign country habits to talking about practical rituals we can implement, this is a great inspiring media to listen to.

Slow Home Podcast

Alyssa has a really cool podcast station about being vegan. We love how she gives great weekly insights on this lifestyle. She opens the possibilities of what we can do when wanting to go on a plant based diet but also offer insight on the difficulties folks can face when pursuing this lifestyle.

Live Planted

This is a brand new podcast but the work that has been implemented so far is amazing. I would recommend keeping a close eye on this podcast and definitely listen to her Episode 19 in which she interviewed Bea Johnson, one of the founder of the Zero-Waste movement. Very refreshing and useful not matter how new of experienced you are.

Impact Revolution

We hope you’ll find this selection interesting, don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you know a podcast related to zero-waste, low impact, minimalism, sustainability or social actions that should be added to this selection. We’d love to discover new channels that deliver useful and savvy content!



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