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Top Magazines and Platforms on Zero Waste

I’m a huge fan of self-manipulation and auto-conditionnement. What is that? It’s the way for a person to push themselves into doing something different. It’s changing the way we think about certain issues. For instance, to stop eating junk food, I watch a series of movies about food quality such as Super Size Me or Food Inc., etc. Watching repeatedly documentaries, movies, and consuming content related to the issue helped me feel more immersed in the new lifestyle I wanted to move toward.

Reducing our waste (and not just simply consuming sustainable) is a challenging choice. To maintain my will and motivation, I feel I need to read, watch and consume as much content about the subject as possible. If you read a lot of magazines, and enjoy that type of readings, move away from consuming magazines. They have no purpose but to show you how to waste your money on most of the time unnecessarily expensive products. Switch from those to sustainable magazines! As our movement grow and we are more and more folks to reduce our waste and consume sustainably, there’s also more and more content on zero waste and sustainable living.

Read Magazines – Watch Movies: Immerge Yourself in Your New Way of Life

Here’s a list of magazines I found online (and really liked)

A Guide To Zero Waste

Great for beginners, this guide will help you and your friends to get started in the world of Zero Waste. Know someone who wants to join but is scared? First send them to AGreener.Life, and send them to this great guide!

Vision Zero Waste:

I really like this one for several reasons. First it’s from South Africa, and any readings coming from countries I know little about is a gift. Helps compare ways humans do things around the globe and find new innovative ways to be better and effective in our sustainable way of life. Plus there’s a lot of contributors. Many have a small bio on this magazines this way you can search them up easily online and add them to your twitter and Facebook accounts.

Solid Waste Management

Ok, this is far for a leisure time magasine, but it’s full of great data on urban waste and water. I know I know… but I should probably mention here that I work in environmental policy world and I can be a data dork!

To see all the magazines published on INSUU, click here.

How To’s and Green Living FlipBoards:

A tool that I love to use often if Flipboard. I created boards on different subject such as renewable energy, how to’s, green living, etc. The tool will deliver latest news and if you read it on an iPad, you’re in for a treat. The way the app has been created makes it highly interactive. Give it a try!  [ I recently find out this new board where numerous bloggers specialized in sustainability and reducing waste gather their content! Enjoy :)]

If you came across great content related to sustainability and green living, feel free to share in the comment section! And if you enjoy the readings I share in this post, feel free to let me know too!

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