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Try this to change your entire weekend and priorities

Friday we made this surprising yet simple decision and it changed my entire weekend perspectives and priorities and you should probably try it too.

Wake up, swallow up a coffee, rush to work, work, come home, rest or party, go to bed, start over. The days looks often the same, and it can get easy to postpone change. Especially good change. How many times have we said, “oh no, tonight I’m tired, tomorrow, yeah tomorrow is my day”. In the age of immediate necessary shifts, our will has never been so close to procrastination. I will acknowledge, that I am no different from most people, and it is ok. There is no small step when we’re doing the right thing. Taking a day off from our goals is also part of the process. But sometimes we let ourselves go and that is when we need reminder, our heart needs to have a stronger voice to let us act as we truly want and do the efforts we desperately need to do. One of the trick I found, the greatest reminder of all is going on small adventure trips, going camping like we did this weekend.

Connecting back with nature

A simple, full of exhaustion Friday evening that turned into a simple and fulfilling trip to the forest. As we were laying there with nothing to listen to but the peaceful sound of the river, thoughts come more easily. Looking at the stars things flowed in me. The motivation of cutting with the deadly routine, the perspective was different and reminders of why I wanted to switch to a greener life all around us.

Isn’t it magic and enlightening to watch nature at work? Look at its organization, the life, it’s organization and it chaos. If you to come back at the same spot 10 years for now, good chance you’d find the same trees and scenery. Nature doesn’t generate endless amounts of waste nor does nature pollutes its own house. So, why are we?

If you find yourself locked in your same old routine, I urge you to leave your house. Don’t think twice, just get your camping gear, hop in your car or train, get an room on Airbnb, anything but leave and head toward a different and wilder landscape. Let nature show you the way, let it inspire you and offer your heart a new compass. Write down your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, meditate. I have currently been using this method and it works amazingly! And share with us what you got out of your trip. Where you went, what you connected on with that space what you got out of it.

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