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Zero Waste Shopping: Reusable Makeup Removal Pads and Why You Should Switch To Them

Reusable makeup removal pads may seem like an irrelevant element to change, but most of us use cotton pads, everyday to clean our face and remove residue. With the increasing number of people on the planet it seems like shifting from disposable pads to reusable ones should be the way to go. Besides, did you know that your cotton pad (unless organic) might contain a tremendous amount of chemicals and potentially are supporting child labor? I am not even kidding.

Early on my Zero-Waste journey, I bought some reusable pads to stop using the one sold in main store. I wanted to shift because I use one to two every night and it just doesn’t comply with Zero-Waste spirit. I hear that some voices will argue that cotton is natural so we shouldn’t worry too much: Yes… and no.  If the cotton is not organic, it’s likely it has been processed and sprayed with highly toxic chemicals. More often than none, whitener and chemicals are put in our cotton to have that extra white color… I don’t know about you but knowing this makes it nearly impossible to use now.

More often than none, whitener and chemicals are put in our disposable cotton pads.

Besides, handmade pads are actually pretty nice! The first one I used where a little too thick. Be careful and avoid my mistakes, don’t take too large pads! They require a little more product to poor on the pad that the disposable ones which solves a problem to create another one. Go for thin pads!

Make them or buy them

If you are on a budget or simply like to reduce your purchase (thumbs up!) there are great solutions out there like this one:

Take an old (THIN!) towel, thread, a sewing machine (or a needle), scissors and flannel. I haven’t tried it yet because I don’t have an old towel to cut but this is definitely on my to do list. If you have made yours, send me the result! Tag me on Instagram or facebook and I’ll re-share them. If you don’t have old towels or don’t feel confident enough to embrace this DIY project yet, you can buy some online, I like this package because it’s made out of bamboo and comes with a little cleaning bag, which is very handy but you can also find cool ones on Etsy and I also added a cool selection below: SaveSave


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